Finally getting around to posting on what i think was the most picturesque Italian town that i have visited (keep in mind that i am yet to visit Capri or Positano;) So our brief to our Italian friends was that we wanted to be by the beach, away from the crowds and have great food..not asking much right? Puglia was their answer…this area of Italy is in the South of the heel of the boot of Italy so it sits by the Adriatic Sea; due to its extremely fertile soil this area is the main food basket for Southern Italy. 

The landscape is literally carpeted in ancient olive trees and the architecture is predominantly white painted concrete with limestone roofs which normally has a bougainvillaea creeping up the side = my kind of heaven! It is also the home of Trulli which are the cutest little houses that i have ever seen – they are round concrete structures with cobblestone cone shaped roofs which date back to the 15th century.

We stayed at a child friendly beach resort Masseria Torre Coccaro as were in need of some R & R and kids club;) the resort was actually quite a long cycle from the beach (20 mins) but was so nice to put the kids on the back of the bikes and cycle through the thankfully flat farmland watching the enormous array of fruit and veggies being harvested..think tomato’s, zucchini, eggplant, rockmelon, watermelon..so yes the food was thankfully very fresh and delicious.

So onto the pics..just a warning to you all that there were endless white walls with bougainvillaea that i just couldn’t stop photographing;)

Whoa this Boag wall is just perfection..me and Ella with big smiles on our arrival into the resort

As i mentioned the beach was a good 20 min bike ride away – first thing that i did was secure the bikes with the kids seats on the back

The main entrance to the resort and the Tower which was built by Malta Chevaliers to defend from Saracen invasions

The amazing limestone stairs up to the tower

So so picturesque…would be the ultimate location for a fashion shoot…oh and did i mention Scott Schuman from The sartorialist.com was staying here at the same time!! ( I think i may have on Instagram;)

So due to the distance of the resort from the beach the resort had its own beach club on the beach complete with restaurant, bar and most importantly kids club;)

As we cycled through miles of very unpopulated farmland to get to the beach we were a little shocked at just how populated the beach was!

We were just very thankful to finally soak up some sun and blue skies in Italy 

As i mentioned the resort was very child friendly they offered a nightly activity for the kids – Gigi being helped to place her pizza in the oven…was not surprisingly delicious!

The pretty door that led to the kids club;)

The kids roamed between the kids club to the restaurant to the pool..and even popped into the underground cave that was the Spa!

We ventured to the ancient and UNESCO protected town of Alberobello – where the original Trulli houses are most in abundant; the roofs were historically built in this way so that the inhabitants could easily deconstruct their homes when the land tax people came calling! (if only land tax evasion was that easy here!)

The Trulli houses line the pedestrian only streets..beyond cute;)

When the sun did come out the reflection of all of the white houses for the girls eyes was a bit much!

How i spent most of the trip..carrying Gigi;)

Thankfully pool time was just around the corner..these olive trees are just beyond beautiful

Thankfully the kids were very happy to hang poolside with all of their new resort friends;)

The very extensive herb garden of the resort..so as you can imagine the food..

Was so delicious!!! lobster linguine..TDF!!

The beautiful countryside that surrounds the resort

The resorts beautiful chapel…would be the ultimate wedding destination

On the last night i snuck up to the top of the tower..and i am glad i did! Goodbye Puglia – we loved you;)

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